The New Sewing Machine Horror Movie

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If you are into sewing and every thought about seeing a film that would relate to what you like to do, well you’re not alone. A lot of people tend to gravitate towards films that they can relate to. Like musicals for musicians etc. but if you want something a bit ironic and want to see something scary and have something to do with sewing. Well a movie like Annabelle can be a good choice for you see.

It doesn’t tackle sewing tips or showcase different types of sewing machines. In fact, the clip was less than two seconds and it didn’t play a big part in the story’s twist. If you’re into looking for real information about sewing machines, you’ll have to look elsewhere. There are different types of machines like those made for quilting or those made for embroidery. But if you’re more concerned with getting entertained, read on.

In it’s very first trailer, you will see a pregnant woman sewing something on her machine, gets cut because of the needle and then stumbles upon a fire raging in her kitchen and when she stumbles over while trying to escape the fire, something invisible (apparently a demon) pulls her back into the flames. If that sounds interesting enough then seeing this horror film might be a good idea for someone who likes sewing.

This American supernatural horror film came out just last 2014 and was directed by John R Leonetti. Interestingly, it’s a prequel and a spin-off to prior-released film called The Conjuring. And is actually inspired by a doll called Annabelle. It’s starred by Annabelle Wallis, Alfred Woodward and Ward Horton. It was released in October 3, 2014 worldwide.

Despite the fact that the movie received very mixed reviews, it grossed over $255 million dollars contrary to it’s $6.5 million dollar budget making it one of the highest grossing horror movies of all time.

Again, it’s a spin-off-slash-prequel to The Conjuring. This films tells an origin story of the creepy doll – apparently regarded as the most dangerous item in Ed and Lorraine Warren’s (real-life paranormal investigators) collection. The movie revolves around a couple named Mia and John, who are expecting parents and getting ready to live a happy life together in 70s Los Angeles. Sadly, all their happy plans and preparations for their future got messed up when a couple of crazy, murderous satanic cultists attacked them during the night in their own home. Good news is that they survived. But the bad news is that a demonic mark was left inside their home, which is focused on the doll in their upcoming baby’s nursery.

Similar to the problem with the Paranormal Activity franchise, this movie’s drawback is the limitations of the plot and the production ends up dragging the story to end up into a very repetitious pattern in the flow of the scenes. A huge part of the film is dedicated to various scenes of “husband leaves wife at home alone and something demonic and scary happens while he is away” and comes home too late and this makes John look like a bad guy for not being around all the time at the same time due to repetition, the movie makes the audience too comfortable.

In reality, knowing the status of horror movies in the United States today provide audiences with low expectations coming into Annabelle. It’s not quite the same as it’s predecessor The Conjuring. But it still delivers what it’s supposed to deliver. A spin-off prequel to a very good horror movie.

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