If Chucky had a Baby Stroller: What would it be?

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babytransitWe all know who Chucky is. But for the uninitiated, Chucky is a toy. A Good-Guy doll as a matter of fact. But one day a voodoo-practicing serial killer called the “Lakeshore Strangler” ran into a toy store after a gun fight with a police officer. Somehow this killer transferred his soul into the doll and caused an explosion. The cop then stumbled upon the body next to the doll and thought he killed the serial killer.

But that’s only the beginning. Here is where the psychopathic story of Chucky begins as a homicidal toy. Good thing it’s only in the movies. So if ever a psychopathic baby is running rampant he would probably have a jogging stroller because it very easy to maneuver, it’s fast, it can go through obstacles and tight spaces easier than other strollers and a lot more.

Here are some examples:

BOB Revolution – this one is ranked as top one on the list, it aced most categories like quality, design, value and ease of use. Despite it not being tiny, it still took a spot in the space-saving part for it’s easy-fold mechanism. The suspension is top-notch, very easy to steer with one hand and the sunshade is very generous. Overall, this is like a stroller on steroids. Price tag is $359

Graco Fast Action Fold Jogger – this model is like a workhorse. Even at a fraction of the cost compared to other strollers out there in the market. Mothers say that the build quality – including the tires, front-wheel suspension system and the comfortable padded seat will make for a very easy ride on either trail or urban streets. Also, it can be matched with the Graco Click Connect for infant car seats to create a complete travel system. Also, don’t forget the name because it sticks to it well for it’s one-click, lightning fast action folding capabilities. Don’t forget that it’s only for $170

Jeep Overhand Limited – mothers, may be obsessed over this good-looking jogging stroller’s amazing design, but also fall for it’s quality and ton of features including a fully adjustable handlebar, and it’s very cool ability to stand upright even when it’s folded. This stroller comes with the iBaby sound system that plays songs that you and your baby can enjoy, it has a speed and distance odometer for the serious jogger moms and dads and also a built-in cup holder for both baby and parent.

Schwinn Turismo – this stroller is great. It’s both lightweight and easy to use even as it comes out straight out of the box. All it’s praises comes from the fact that it’s good-looking, and it’s frustration-free build and the quality is also top-notch. With an easily lockable front wheel that has the capability to swivel, a snack tray so you won’t have to worry where to place your food, and on top of all of that, it has an mp3 player speaker for the music-loving parent and baby. With a price tag of $164 you will have a very well-built and top-notch stroller.

The second sequel of Chucky is Chucky’s Bride. There are two psychopath dolls now which would entail a double stroller just in case.

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