How Crossbow Killings can be the Scariest

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As a scare junkie, they tend to be adventurous on seeing other ways of killings. By the classic axe and machete, loud and crude way of killing with a chainsaw, some will go for the violent but more finesse methods with a gun or knives. But some will go for a much unconventional way of killing and that is with bows. Specifically crossbows. They have the range, efficiency and sustainability of any weapon. But how can you be good at it to be scary?

Buy the best possible bow – there’s a huge gap between a bargain crossbow from a top-of-the-line make. Yeah, the bargain one is of course going to be cheaper but you will get what you pay for, it’s not going to be as good or built as well or be as accurate and the reliability goes out the window and sooner or later it will fail when you take the shot of your life. As everything else in life, you get what you pay for. Spend a few more extra dollars and get very best you can afford and you’ll never regret it.

Choose the fastest arrow – both crossbow and compound bow makers constantly push to break the speed envelope. You can make a arrow go faster by increasing the bow’s draw weight. That’s why draw weight is very important in archery. How fast is fast enough? Most people tend to lean towards an initial velocity of at least 300 fps. And that figure will give you enough energy to takedown any big-game animal and will minimize arrow trajectory at a much greater distance and that makes shooting at longer ranges much easier but never losing accuracy. You might be surprised that some bows are starting to go over the 400 fps limit so look out for innovations in different bows in the upcoming years.

Don’t hesitate to use a scope – though most crossbows today will come with open sights, any sort of scope sight will do you much better. First of all, these optical devices will make for a much accurate shot much easier. As far as magnification is concerned you can pick from zero to 5x. then inside the scope is the reticle, it can be easily identified as a configuration of both horizontal and vertical lines and sometimes with any object projected or suspended across the sight. This comes with different types. But the most popular is the multi-reticle scope. Parker brand of crossbows have scopes.

Use high-quality arrows or bolts – unless your arrows or bolts fly like straight like a laser beam, you will never hit your target precisely. Cheap arrows that are inferior to standards will fly all over the place. That’s why you should invest your money on good quality arrows and don’t forget that they should be designed specifically for crossbow shooting and nothing else. Try to look into makers like Easton, Carbon Express and Gold Tip. Make sure they are cut to the proper length and have the appropriate fletches. Aluminum and carbon arrows will serve you well for whatever you’re going to use them for but the most innovative and high-tech are still the carbon fiber arrows.

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