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Hi there, we are Studio Of Scares. We thank you for the time for checking out this blog. Mostly you will see film content in here, our opinions and critiques of movies. Also the lifestyles behind movie lovers, goers and buffs. We have a little bit of everything here surrounding movies, we try to mix and match genres of movies in this blog. From action, drama, thriller, suspense but mainly with horror films as the website states this is Studio Of Scares. We look into the driving force every genre and incorporate it to what we do best to make sure we keep horror films going and ultimately, interesting. We try to keep it fresh so all of your suggestions, comments, violent reactions and ideas are greatly appreciated and welcomed. We will stay on top of all the threads and posts you see on this site, meaning we will make sure we reply to every thread to keep healthy conversations going and lively. We don’t limit ourselves to just films, we are open to any kinds of content that our readers would like to see. Because that’s what we are here for. If we don’t have our readers, then this blog would not be possible. So were excited to hear from you and thank you for dropping by.

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